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1- Physiology Lab.
2- Pharmacy Lab.
3- Pathology Lab. (College)
4- Pathology Lab. (Hospital)
5- Dissection Hall
6- Regimenal Therapy

The Library is situated in the very spacious "Library Hall" and is taking care of by a qualified Librarian. Thousands of books have been collected and adequate furniture has been provided.

Presently, the library is well furnished, well maintained and sufficient to meet the needs of students.

1- Anatomy Museum
2- Physiology Museum
3- Kulliyat Museum
4- Hygiene Museum
5- Juris & Toxicology Museum
6- Obstetrics Museum
7- llmul Advia Museum
8- Jild wa Amraz-e-Zohrawiya Museum
9- Pathology Museum
10- Gynaecology Museum
11- Regimenal Therapy Museum
12- Eye & E.N.T. Museum
13- Surgery Museum
14- Moalijat Museum

home about us affiliation departments admission hospital contacts

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