There is a 150 bed Hospital attached to Jamia Tibbiya Deoband for the purpose of training of students in out-patient & in-patient departments and rendering free or at least low cost medical care to the public. The treatment given to patients is mainly based on Unani System of Medicine, but adequate facilities in Modern Medicine have also been made available. There is sufficient arrangement to accommodate 150 beds in general and special wards of the Hospital.

There are following Out-patient and In-patient departments in Jamia Tibbiya Hospital.

1- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Moalijat (Unani Medicine)
2- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Amraz-e-Niswan-o-Qabalat (Gynae & Obs)
3- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Amraz-e-Atfal (Paediatrics)
4- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Ilaj-bit-Tadbir (Regimenal Therapy)

Treatment with Regimenal therapy such as Fasd (Venesection), Dalak (Massage), Hajamat (Cupping), Taleeque (Leeching) etc. is also provided for selected cases.

5- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Amraz-e-Jild wa Zohrawiya (Skin & Venereal Disease)
6- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Jarahiyat (Surgery)

A well furnished and well equipped Air-Conditioned Operation Theatre has been provided and major operations are performed by experienced and well qualified Surgeons.

7- I.P.D. & O.P.D. of Amraz-e-Uzn, Anaf wa Halaq (E.N.T.) wa Ain (Eye)
8- Family Planning and Child Care
9- Casualty Department
10- Specimen Collection Centre
11- Injection Room
12- Dressing Room
13- Plaster Room
14- O.P.D. of Community Medicine

Other Facilities:
1. X-Ray
2. Electro-Cardiography
3. Ambulance
4. Generators
5. Pathology Lab. 6. Ultrasonography Center
7. Physiotherapy Center
8. Radiology Center
9. Pathology lab. 10. I.P.D.
11. Well Equipped O.T. (Surgery, E.N.T. & Eye etc.)
12. Casualty
13. Ambulance Service