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Jamia Tibbiya Deoband, recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine and affiliated to C.S.J.M. University Kanpur, is a well known minority institution imparting education in Unani Medicine and Surgery. It conducts Kamil-e-Tib-o-Jarahat, B.U.M.S. and Mahir-e-Tib, M.D. courses as prescribed by the C.C.I.M. Jamia Tibbiya Deoband is open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour or sex and draws students form all corners of the country.

Jamia Tibbiya Deoband was established, and is being run and managed by Muslim Progressive and Educational Council of U.P. (Registered). All the property movable or immovable, of Jamia Tibbiya Deoband and that of its constituent departments such as the Hospital etc. is vested in the said council.

Jamia Tibbiya Deoband complex, comprising the magnificent buildings of the College, the Hospital, the Hostel and Pharmacy, is situated on G.T. Road side one and a half kilometer Northward from Deoband. The location is picturesque and beautiful, surrounded by vast expenses of greenery and the tall blooming trees. The atmosphere of the campus is pure and serene, ideal for educational activities and the care of patients. Deoband renowned for its century old seat of learning Darul-UIoom Deoband is located in Northwest part of U.P., 150 Kilometer from Delhi on Delhi Meerut-Saharanpur Road. Deoband is a railway station and easily accessible either by road or railways.

Hakim Shamim Ahmad Saeedi, the founder of “Muslim Progressive and Educational Council of U.P.” established Jamia Tibbiya Deoband in 1987. Subsequently, his persistent and dedicated efforts as the general secretary of the said council, kept Jamia Tibbiya Deoband on the path of continuous progress and resulted in the form of a full fledged professional college, which may be reckoned as the best of Unani Medical colleges of the area.

Jamia Tibbiya Deoband was initially started in a rented building in 1987, but soon after the commencement of this programme a plot of land more than three acres was purchased and a portion of the planned building was constructed on it. So the college was shifted to its own building within one year of its inception. Thereafter, the construction work was continued uninterruptedly and by the end of 1993 four blocks i.e. The College, The Hospital and the Hostel and a Pharmacy building were erected. By the grace of Allah, the Almighty, the construction work is still going on, a separate block for P.G. Department and a three storied building for girl’s hostel have recently been completed. At present, the total area of the campus is five acres. The total covered area is 79823 Sq.Ft, of which the covered area of the college is 31925 Sq.Ft. that of the Hospital 28267 Sq.Ft. of the Boys Hostel 13704 Sq.Ft. and that of the Girls Hostel 5900 Sq.Ft. approximately. There are 153 halls and rooms, 88 bathrooms and more then 1400 Ft. long corridors and verandahs in the campus of Jamia Tibbiya Deoband. Some of the halls are as big as having an area of 2400 Sq.Ft. All the classrooms are spacious and have seating capacity sufficient to accommodate up to 100 students. Land Deeds & 143

Aims & Object

To promote the cause of Tib-e-Unani by educating its philosophy, imparting thorough knowledge of its fundamental theories and providing intensive practical training in its special methods of treatment and ultimately to produce competent Unani Physicians who can handle all sorts of cases, medical as well as surgical, based on their extensive knowledge about Tib-e-Unani with modern advances wherever necessary. To elaborate it further, the purpose of this curriculum based on theoretical education and practical training, is to graduate competent Unani professionals who are well prepared for the demands of modern professional Unani practice in a rapidly changing health care environment. The programme integrates graduate and post graduate level professional critical thinking, research and analysis, problem solving, leadership in professional activities and organisations, self directed learning and the affective use of modern clinical technology for professional practice that includes elements of research, leadership, perpetual professionalization and ultimately, sincere and dedicated service for the benefit of the patient and an ability to incorporate the basic principals of Unani tibbi education, and learning into programs which not only benefit the patient but also the community and ultimately the nation.


The government of Uttar Pradesh declared Jamia Tibbiya Deoband a Minority Unani Medical Institution in 1990 and granted permanent permission to conduct the course of B.U.M.S. as prescribed by the C.C.I.M.


C.C.S University, Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut-U.P granted affiliation to Jamia Tibbiya Deoband from 1991 which has regularly been extended onwards. The C.C.S. University has also granted affiliation to this institution for Mahir-e-Tib, M.D. course from 2001 under self financing scheme.
Chaudhary Charan Singh University


The Central Council of Indian Medicine granted recognition to Jamia Tibbiya Deoband for conducting B.U.M.S. course in 1991 and permitted 50 seats for admission. The recognition and permission for admission has continuously been renewed. The C.C.I.M. granted recognition for P.G. course in 2001 and permitted admissions to Mahir-e-Tib, M.D. (MOALIJAT).
Central Council of Indian Medicine