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Graduate Course


(Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)


Main course shall be a whole time course of 4 & 1/2 years duration, divided in three professional examinations, Session shall be counted from the first-day of the completion of admission.

  • Ist professional – 12 months
  • 2nd professional – 12 months
  • 3rd professional – 12 months
  • Final professional – 18 months

Duration of Internship: Internship shall be of 12 months duration. Total seats : 60 (Sixty)


(Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)

The candidates who have passed the 3rd professional examination and have completed 12 months rotatory internship in the Hospital shall be awarded the degree Kamil-E-Tib-O-Jarahat, B.U.M.S. (Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery) by the University.


There would be at least 300 study days in one academic session with at least 7 lectures of 45 minutes duration each day.


Medium of instruction shall be Urdu substantiated with English and Arabic wherever necessary. The terminology for modern subjects shall be standard modern terminology with Arabic equivalent. For Unani subject the terminology shall essentially remain standard Arabic terminology.


Each student shall be posted for unpaid rotatory internship in the Hospital for 5 months in department of Moalijat, 2 months in Department of Surgery, 2 months in department of Tahaffuzi-wa-Samaji Tib (P. S.M), 1 month in department of E.N.T. & Eye and for 2 months in department of llmul Qabla-o-Niswan-o-Atfal (Gynae, Obs & Paediatrics).


Tuition Fee: Students shall be required to deposit Rs. 2,04,000/- per annum as tuition fee.
Admission fee: Rupees 10,000/-
Other Fees: Enrolment fee and examination fee shall be as prescribed by the University.


  • No student shall be allowed to appear at professional examination unless he has attended at least 75% of the lectures delivered and of the practical work done in each subject. The attendance shall be counted separately in each subject.
  • A shortage of attendance up to 5% of the total numbers of lectures delivered or practical may be condoned by the principal for sufficient reason.
  • A further shortage up to 5% may be condoned by the secretary on the specific recommendation of the principal.
  • Application for the condonation of attendance on account of sickness must be duly certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner. Such application must be submitted during or just after the period of treatment.
  • A student not allowed to appear in professional examination due to the shortage of attendance will have to attend the same class in the next academic session.
  • Quarterly statements of attendance will be displayed on the notice board by the office of the principal. No individual notice in this respect will be issued to students.
  • In case a student remains absent from the classes continuously for more than 30 days without assigning a valid cause to the principal, his name is liable to be removed from the college rolls. He may, however be re-admitted within the next fortnight by the principal on payment of the prescribed re-admission fee of Rs. 500/