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Unani medicine is well accepted in South Asian countries and also getting popular in other parts of the world as one of the complementary medical system. It’s now acknowledged and becoming a part of the mainstream system of medicine in India, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries.

It is considered as the science and art of healing and a dignified profession of healing the suffering humanity. The system of Unani Medicine has distinctive approach to preventive and curative features of health care. It covers a wide range of practices. The theory of Unani Medicine states that disease is a natural process and that symptoms indicate the reactions of the body to that particular disease. It has got mass acceptance among the people in India to have Unani Medicine for building career as one of the most rewarding profession. There are a lot of job opportunities both in India and overseas.

Today people have a fast pace of life with a lot of work load. Their odd eating habits and lack of exercise have led to stress and increase in diseases which can be sufficiently handled by a Unani practitioner. The students who are interested in pursuing Unani Medicine as a career should have
enthusiasm to learn all through their career and great aptitude to take sensible decisions. They must have patience, stamina, emotional strength, excellent memory, self-motivation, proper concentration, analytical and logical mind. As other doctors, a Unani doctor should also possess
a strong sense of responsibility towards the patient. After all, a patient’s life completely depends on him. Although, the practice of Unani Medicine has a lot of hard work but it’s extremely satisfying. It is not wrong to say that his profession is more of a responsibility than a privilege.

Career Prospects
There are tremendous career options in Unani Medicine. As mentioned earlier that rising complications have resulted in different ailments and not every patient can afford expensive treatment, Unani Medicine offers safe and economical treatment with least side effect.

There is a great demand for people practicing Unani Medicine. Since some diseases are known to be treated exclusively by the Unani medical treatment, there is an opportunity for higher career prospects in the job of a Unani Doctor. The salary they get is mostly similar to the other forms of medical practice.

The demand for Unani professionals is also getting high due to the easy availability of the Unani Medicines. The community is using these medicines for generations with proven results and acceptance. The usage of herbal products over other medicines has enhanced its demand.

Self-employment is the best option for a Unani Medicine practitioner because it does not bound a doctor to work for a given time. Though, the hospitals offer rewarding openings, medical professionals prefer private clinics over hospitals as it gives freedom to work as they want and
gives assurance for a good return. It is gaining popularity due to increase in idiopathic, non-communicable, chronic, life style diseases, and common diseases.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery can choose to work for Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESI), Unani pharmacies, Unani Hospitals, Unani Health centers, Primary Health Centers, Private Nursing Homes, Drug manufacturing Units (Government, Private, Autonomous, Cooperative sectors), Drug control Sector (State and Central Government), Unani Pharmaceutical Companies, Clinical Trials Laboratories, National Health Mission (NHM), Medical Tourism, Third Party Administrator (TPA) in insurance sector,
National AYUSH Mission, and other Central & State Government jobs. They also have a very good option of joining research centres as research officers (Scientist/ Researchers) or teaching institutes, Hospitals or Dispensaries run by the State Government. In some states in India, there
is a provision of 3rd Medical Officer for Unani doctors in Primary Health Centres (PHC).

Unani experts and advisors/consultants can have part time job with the accreditation authorities and organisations. Some of the business organizations, schools, and embassies also hire Unani Medical Practitioners as consultants.

The salary or the pay scale is according to the experience and the capability of a doctor. The pay varies in private sector and the doctors having Government job are also well paid.

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