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One of the well known scholars of Unani medicine, Avicenna (Ibn-e-Sina), described Unani Medicine as: "It is the science in which we learn various states of body in health and when not in health and the means by which health is likely to be lost and when lost, is likely to be restored".

Unani Medicine is referred to a form of traditional medicine or a comprehensive medical system based on the teachings of Roman physician Galen and Greek physician Hippocrates. Almost 2500 years back, it originated in Greece. Then practiced in Middle- East and South-Asian
countries and further developed into an elaborate medical system in middle age era by Persian and Arabian physicians. It provides a full and sound healthcare through meticulously dealing with the diverse states of health and disease. After Allopathy, Homoeopathy, and Ayurveda systems, Unani system of medicine is the fourth most accepted conventional and balancing
system of medicine practiced in India.

The whole Unani system of medicine is based on scientific theory and holistic fundamentals of therapeutic healing. The method of its diagnosis and treatment considers a person according to his environment and stresses on overall physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human health.
Unani practitioners give main importance to food and the condition of digestion in a patient; equally in health and disease. Detailed dietary routines are suggested while treating patients according to their nature and temperament. Proper dietary regimens produce good humours whereas improper ones produce bad humours. Therefore, the imbalance due to both humours can be cured by Unani medicine together with proper dietary plans. The medicines are prescribed according to the temperament (Mizāj) of the person being treated.

It is currently practiced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern Countries. Over the years, Unani system of medicine has been scientifically developed, nurtured, and analytically included into the healthcare delivery system in India.

Today, its healing power and significance have been world widely accepted that this healing system could safely provide remedies to all the problems faced by the human health in this progressing world. The art of healing scientifically with the concept of philosophies of nature and temperament are most suitable for the human organic system. Unani Medicine gives more
emphasis on strengthening the immunity of the person to make strong body resistance. People with weak immune system are more vulnerable to diseases as compared to the people with strong immune system.

Despite facing continuous neglect in front of other medical fields, this healing art has managed to survive and complimenting other systems of medicine. One can also have a promising career in Unani medicine. You can work as a Unani practitioner either in a private or government Unani hospital. This field also offers great work opportunities with different companies that have a contract with the Unani preparations. There are Best Unani Medical Colleges In UP that offer undergraduate degree programme (BUMS) in the field of Unani medicine and surgery. Postgraduation and Ph.D in Unani medicine are further degrees to specialize in the Unani medical field.

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